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Belle and Sebastian - Teeny Grownups

Legbamel Not-Pop

No sooner had I selected my Music of the Month than I discovered yet another band that has been almost completely ignored: Teeny Grownups. The name caught my attention, but the sound kept it. They're sort of post-punk indie, despite the descriptions bandied about and the various indie band names thrown at the sound in an attempt to define it. Belle and Sebastian, a very "indie" reference, shows the jangly potential of Teeny Grownups, but not the fuzzy guitar found in some of their other songs.

Not that I could find many other songs for the band. Their MySpace profile offers four songs and a quick run through my usual resources shows me a band that's been around for several years and has only 42 plays on Last.FM and naught but two live videos of crappy quality on YouTube. Amazon offers only one song, John, on a compilation album. That seems almost unbelievable, to me. So take a listen to Teeny Grownups's Belle and Sebastian, Smile, Merry Ferry, and whatever else you can find, then go buy some of their music and make other people listen to it. Alternatively, you can post a comment telling me that I'm full of hooey and that Teeny Grownups stink. I can take it.

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