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Never Had Nobody Like You - M. Ward

Legbamel Not-Pop

I’m skating dangerously close to the “pop” line with today’s selection, but the hand-clappy instrumental on Never Had Nobody Like You is so reminiscent of the 80s that I can’t resist the song. Apparently, M. Ward (the him of She and Him) meant his new solo album, “Hold Time”, to be a retro sound as a sort of tribute to Buddy Holly and others of that ilk. He was aiming for the 50s but, with this song, he and Zooey Deschanel rather missed that temporal mark.

That said, Never Had Nobody Like You remains a good little song. It’s toe-tapping and finger-popping fun, nothing deep or complicated but fuzzy guitars and interesting lyrics make it stick with you. Forgive me for this almost-pop selection, if you will, or tell me that I’ve sold out to the music industry’s promotion. But before you do that, listen to the song so that you can tell me whether you like it, too.

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