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Kick out the Jams - Presidents of the United States of America

Legbamel Not-Pop

In honor of Presidents' Day in the US, I thought I'd post a Presidents of the United States of America tune. I considered posting Back Porch and Dune Buggy, both fun songs demonstrating the “southern rock” aspect of the band, but in the end I decided Kick out the Jams to be more topical. After all, they do promise to “uphold the Constitution of the United States of America.” You don't get much more presidential than that. George Washington and Abraham Lincoln both pledged the same thing, and both of them had to put up or shut up as far as that oath went.

Kick out the Jams lasts less than a minute and a half, but The Presidents of the United States of America pack an oath and a rocket trip into that brief span. They certainly do a better job of kicking out the jams than, say, Rage Against the Machine and MC5, although Blue Oyster Cult did some excellent kicking. That's my subtle way of pointing out that the phrase has been in use for decades, by some well-known and pretty highly-respected bands. I think this is a worthy addition to the jam-kicking canon. Happy Presidents' Day, all you US-ians reading this. For anyone else, Happy Monday!

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