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Closer to the Bone - Louis Prima

Legbamel Not-Pop

Anyone who offers an opinion about the good, old, chaste days of the ‘40s and ‘50s in my general vicinity gets pointed to some of the popular songs of the day. Louis Prima offers some fantastic examples of naughty songs that disprove the innocence of the sock hop, including Closer to the Bone. Those boppin’ boys and girls weren’t thinking about sharing milkshakes and holding hands when dancing to this song, I can tell you!

I think someday I’ll make a playlist of double entendre songs, lest you think it’s only my dirty mind that’s reading into Closer to the Bone. I’ve got examples stretching back at least a hundred years. Your great-grandparents weren’t necessarily the paragons of virtue they’d like you to believe, either. Through literature and music, people have always demonstrated the same human interest in, well, other people’s parts. They just don’t want to admit it.

Oh, an by the way, it swings.

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