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Sweet Georgia Brown - Olle Hemmingsson Trio

Legbamel Not-Pop

I wouldn't normally post two videos in a row, but I wandered across the Olle Hemmingsson Trio playing Sweet Georgia Brown, with a tractor for percussion. Not only does this offer a creative way to keep time, but the gents really play the heck out of the song. I don't know what song they play second, but it's well worth watching the video all of the way through. If only the guy recording it would stop making so much noise--he's a bit distracting.

I think I'll do my next Squidoo lens on Sweet Georgia Brown, because it's such a fantastic song and I'll bet there are a thousand Harlem Globetrotters videos available for extra entertainment value. It's a standard that nearly every string musician learns at some point or another, if they have any interest at all in the blues or jazz. It may take me weeks to compile a really good page worth of information on it, but at least I'll get to listen to the song about a thousand times. This video will definitely be spotlighted.

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