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Spoon - Cibo Matto

Legbamel Not-Pop

Some days, you just want to hear more of an artist from whom you’ve only heard a little. In exploring Grooveshark, I decided that today was my day to hear more Cibo Matto. I started with Spoon, and thought it was as good a track as any of theirs to include. It showcases the horns and contrasts that hold through everything the ladies play. I knew a couple of the songs off their debut album, “Viva! La Woman”, but I wanted to hear more.

If you don’t know Cibo Matto’s music, imagine almost stream-of-consciousness lyrics about everyday subjects (things like Birthday Cake, Clouds, and Sugar Water) that veer off into observations that get bizarre and almost dream-like, as in Know Your Chicken, White Pepper Ice Cream, and the pseudo-rap Sci-Fi Wasabi. I fear that the ladies tread close to the pop line, with their “Stereo Type A” album, but the songs are varied, layered, and just altogether complicated enough, in my opinion, to escape that label. Besides, I like their sound, so I’m sharing them with you here, anyway.

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