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Sally Can't Dance - Lou Reed

Legbamel Not-Pop

Lou Reed sings the sort of strange and slightly twisted lyrics that catch my attention. He also has an unusual voice, much like Iggy Pop and David Byrne, and seems unafraid of making unexpected musical choices, also like them. While some folks think of him as a bit of a one-hit wonder, with Walk on the Wild Side, he's actually been performing, recording, and selling for decades. I was going to include Harry's Circumcision for today's post, but thought that it might be a bit of a downer for a lovely Saturday afternoon. Instead, try Sally Can't Dance, to which you can dance, if you feel so inclined. It definitely ranks as one of Lou Reed's more accessible tracks, even if the “Sally Can't Dance” album was widely panned with it first appeared in 1974. The latest digital remastering seems to have fixed some of the sound problems that plagued the vinyl and original CD re-release, although the band still sounds like they're recording in a tunnel, here. I still love the song.

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2 Responses so far.

  1. Great song - and yes, it really does sound like it was recorded in a tunnel.

    A secondary observation - when Lou Reed remixed Coney Island Babies, he almost killed 'Nobody's Business' which features one of the most lovely bass riffs ever known! Why he found it necessary to smear squalls of electric guitar over it is anybody's guess!

  2. legbamel says:

    I listened to the song in a few places, thinking that perhaps I could find a better recording. Unfortunately, that's just how it was done. I wonder if anyone could remaster the album to clean it up a little. Perhaps someday...

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