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My Glorious - Leper

Legbamel Not-Pop

“It's a game, one I'm always bound to lose,
Still I play like I could win”

That about sums up the sentiments on the My Glorious EP “Leper” that the band recently released (and was kind enough to send to me for review). For the most part, “Leper” contains straight garage rock, as advertised. My Glorious seems to have experienced some pretty complicated relationship issues, however, and those have produced the rather nice ballads More Than Ever Before and If You Break.

My Glorious's most successful songs on “Leper” are the first and last, Give Me Time and Leave Me Alone, respectively. The former offers strong beats and guitars while the latter shows off a mellow groove and more relationship issues. The only thing on the six-song EP that didn't work for me was the chorus of Fire, which seemed jarring in comparison to the rest of the (otherwise quite interesting and somewhat disturbing) song.

In fact, if there's one complaint I have about My Glorious, it's that their choruses, taken as a whole, are too repetitive. They have generally intriguing lyrics, and they seem relatively strong musically, but half of the time they seem to be taking their cue from crappy AC/DC songs when it comes time to write a chorus. Still, for a freshman effort from a band that has been playing together for less than a year, “Leper” offers six songs that showcase the band's strengths as well as revealing their weaknesses. They show promise and I'll be interested to see what their first full-length album reveals.

You can listen to the whole EP on their MySpace page and find a long list of places to purchase their music there. Wait! My Glorious is from Vienna, Austria. I always forget that part.

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