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Dangerous Mood - Keb' Mo'

Legbamel Not-Pop

I’m on a bit of a tear with romantic songs, of late. This song takes me back to the beginning of my romance with my now-hubby, when we saw Keb’ Mo’ at the local blues festival (twice) and had his first three albums (autographed, thank you very much) in constant rotation. I don’t like any of the live versions of Dangerous Mood as well as I do the original studio one, which is faster and has a much stronger beat, but he’s such a great performer that I’m including both. The last time I saw him live, he played solo, with just one guy fetching his instruments (guitars, banjo, harmonica) back and forth. Even without the full band, he put on a rousing show, and he played my shouted request. I think I’ve included enough parentheses for you to realize that I’m a huge Keb’ Mo’ fan, but songs like this help to explain why.

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