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What Up Man - The Cool Kids

Legbamel Not-Pop

Today, I celebrate finding a real, independent radio station that streams on-line. Actually, my 5-year-old found it, playing with a clock radio. It made me so proud. (Just a moment, while I wipe away a tear.) At any rate, I’ve already sent them an e-mail, chiding them for failing to post a playlist, after finding myself unable to identify an amazing song that they played yesterday morning. This morning, again, I turned on my radio just in time to think, “What is this? I must blog it!” Happily, the lyrics I remembered were enough for me to identify today’s song readily. Imagine an old-school hip hop song where the bass line is provided by someone saying, “Bass,” and the usual fake clap replaced with someone repeating, “Clap,” in its place. Add somewhat random, day-in-the-life lyrics and you get The Cool Kids and What Up Man.

What Up Man - Cool kids
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