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Lobster Bucket - The Aquabats

Legbamel Not-Pop

After a lovely holiday break, I return with a song of friendship...and lobsters. No one would accuse The Aquabats of being predictable or dull. Only they would compare human nature to a bucket of lobsters. Regardless of the unusual nature of the metaphor, Lobster Bucket explains how friends help each other out of tough situations. It's also a fun, bouncy song with a burlesque flavor and some clarinet. You can almost picture the straw boaters and arm garters listening to the song. Imeem doesn't have the full song to stream, but you can listen to the whole of on Last.fm. I'm including the picture, here, because it's so goofy and really gives you a sense of The Aquabats's humor.

I had intended to unveil my new layout for this, my 100th post, but I simply didn't have time to finish polishing the thing. Then again, my first post was all blah, blah, blah and no music, so I'm willing to pretend that it doesn't count if you are. That means that I'm shooting for the new theme with tomorrow's post.

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