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Black Limousine - Dragonette

Legbamel Not-Pop

While I don't agree with the label "New Wave Revivalists", I do actually like some of Dragonette's synth-pop, especially when it's more synth and less vocal. Many of their songs begin, like Marvellous, with promising introductions and even first verses, but then turn into P!nk songs. Black Limousine, however, keeps its spoken word verses throughout and turns into a combination of P!nk and Madonna from her Material Girl phase. I was introduced to Dragonette through their cover of ZZ Top's Sharp Dressed Man, but I was unable to find a version to embed here, more's the pity. That song was more a combination of P!nk and The Flying Lizards creating a robo-party-people sound that completely remade the song. You can listen to them on the HypeMachine, including that cover.

Black Limousine - Dragonette
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