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Pussyfooting - Fujiya & Miyagi

Legbamel Not-Pop

There’s one thing you can say for Fujiya & Miyagi: they know how to make a good song. Unfortunately, they’ve found a formula that works and they keep using it. From their own MySpace profile:

In total, Fujiya & Miyagi don’t really sound like anything. Instead, they sound like everything condensed into perfectly arranged three minute chunks
Please don’t misunderstand; I’m not putting them down. I quite like the group, including Knickerbocker, which sounds like the other half of Pussyfooting. They two make a sort of set with Collarbone and Dishwasher, although that last actually uses less of a whispered, mock-intimate vocal sound. I’m simply pointing out that Fujiya & Miyagi’s songs have a basic sameness, which means that you know what you’ll be getting from them. If you’re looking for dependably interesting lyrics and mellow but danceable beats, then don’t miss these folks. It’s hard to pick only one to feature, but I’m currently chair-dancing to Pussyfooting, off their September, 2008 release “Lightbulbs”, so that’s what I’ve included here.
pussyfooting - Fujiya & Miyagi
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