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Earned Average Dance America - The Seedy Seeds

Legbamel Not-Pop

The Seedy Seeds released a new album, "Count the Days", about a month ago. Musically, the new songs are much better than those on their debut album, "Change States". They offer strengthened harmonies and smoother play. What they gave up, however, was the weird fun of tracks like Earned Average Dance America and Little Patton from the first album. While I think Dandelions is a lovely song, I liked the quirky directions that their first album took. Now that they've shown that they really can play--and sing--maybe their third album will take the middle road between experiment and performance. Until then, I'll keep listening. Such diversity explains the need for a shuffle feature on mp3 players, after all.
Earned Average Dance America - The Seedy Seeds
You can't buy their albums on Amazon, but they do have links on their MySpace profile so please support them if you enjoy the music.

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