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Don't Bring Me Down - ELO

Legbamel Not-Pop

Is it wrong to patronize a restaurant for their muzak? One place in town never fails to play songs that can be found in the cassette collection gathering dust in my storage room, not a one newer than 1993, or from a record that I still play. We went for lunch the other day, and yet again, I was chair-dancing the entire meal. I fear that my children have picked up that nasty habit.

That's not why I'm posting. This last trip included the Electric Light Orchestra (ELO to those of us who were alive 30 years ago) and their amazing hit, Don't Bring Me Down. For the record, Jeff Lynn did not use the word "Bruce" one time in this video. Check and see if I'm lying. (I've had to replace the video, as the one I posted got yanked. The statement still holds, though. This video includes some very silly dance trends, many of them from the 80s.)

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  1. david says:

    This song will forever remain on my top 100 (yes I like it more than "I think I love you" which I know you hated.)

    Most lyric sites say "Bruce", or "grooss".

    The Video link doesn't work anymore but some more research agrees with you...

    Groos is it... but according to dailymotion.com:
    "However, after the song's release, so many people had misinterpreted the word as Bruce that the band actually changed the lyrics and began to sing the word as Bruce. "

  2. legbamel says:

    Thanks for letting me know that the link didn't work any more. I'm posting a different video, although it doesn't have the educational comments (as far as groos goes) that the old one does. People have gotten a tish defensive about the subject.

  3. david says:

    People do get defensive over their interpretations of lyrics. I've had many a heated (but fun) discussion on the topic over the years. I think it is because a change in certain lyrics may change the meaning of the song for them and that won't do.

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