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Coeur de Pirate

Legbamel Not-Pop

Normally, I post only one song, but I found a new artist to love today and wanted to share. Her name is Beatrice Martin, better known as Coeur de Pirate, and she’s got a lovely voice, beautiful instrumentation, and sings in French. She’s also 18 and adorable. For all I know, she could be singing the contents of her living room, but I had so much fun listening to her do so that I don’t care. Well, I do have a rudimentary knowledge of French, so I know that she actually didn’t sing about her couch and end tables on any of these tracks. Coeur de Pirate’s self-titled album has been out for two months, now, but not much has been written about Ms. Martin, at least not in English. Have a listen, and enjoy!

That last one's my favorite.

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