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UB Jesus

Legbamel Not-Pop

David Byrne always finds something interesting to say in his lyrics. Whether he’s critiquing US culture in Miss America or exploring loneliness in Glass, Concrete, and Stone (or his cover of I Wanna Dance with Somebody, for that matter). Religion pops up in a more than one song, most notably in Dance on Vaseline and UB Jesus, two of my favorite songs from Byrne’s solo career. The combination of symphonic backgrounds, Brazilian or African rhythms, and David Byrne’s unmistakable voice offers more variety than straight pop because he’s willing to do that exploration.

Listening to “Feelings” or “Look into the Eyeball” feels more like hearing a series of stories than merely indulging in a little ear candy. Even though many of the songs have heavy themes, the music itself is creative and catchy enough to engross. You find yourself chair-dancing while trying to catch the lyrics. Well, I do, anyway. David Byrne’s taken the Talking Heads sound he helped foster and run with it, experimenting with Latin themes and personal stories. Take a listen and then go find more.
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