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Nobody's Business But My Own

Legbamel Not-Pop

A blues artist like Taj Mahal does some of his best work live, and none more so than his inventive improvisations on Nobody’s Business But My Own. Likely the best version is the one on 1998’s “In Progress & In Motion (1965-1998)”, a fantastic three-disc set. Nobody’s Business But My Own was recorded with The Pointer Sisters, as were a couple of other previously-unreleased, live tracks on the second disc. I love this for the verse that begins about 1:45 and includes a Wolfman Jack impression. I’ve included a couple of Taj Mahal’s other recordings for your entertainment, as well.
Aint Nobodys Business But My Own (Live In Chicago) - Taj Mahal
Nobodys Business But My Own - Taj Mahal
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