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mp3 Frustration

Legbamel Not-Pop

I apologize for the sudden post drought, but I've discovered that none of the songs I've uploaded at boomp3.com will play. That rather defeats the purpose of posting the things, which means that I've got to find a new place to put them and then replace the player on all of my posts. [Insert screaming sound of your choice here.] If anyone has a recommendation for a cheap (read: free) place to upload the songs, preferably one where I can mark the songs for listening only, and with a player for individual songs that I can embed into my posts, I'd love to know about it. Until then, I am researching and being repeatedly disappointed.

Edit 10/19/08: Apparently, the songs load on the individual post pages and work just fine. I've replaced a couple of songs with links on different sites, but I don't really like any of them, for various reasons. I'll keep searching and am still open to recommendations for sites where I can upload, stream to this blog, and not allow downloads unless I choose to do so. Thanks for being patient!

Edit 10/20/08: Well, the boomp3 songs seem to work, now that I've removed the widgets that loaded before them, but still move painfully slowly. If that's as fast as they load then I can't keep the site. Who wants to wait five minutes for a song to load?!

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