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Mahna Mahna, Cake, and Muppets

Legbamel Not-Pop

For those of you who grew up hearing Mahna Mahna, whether on The Muppet Show or the earlier Ed Sullivan Show version (as posted below), I thought I should share the Cake version of the song. No, no one has made Muppet-desserts. The band Cake released their "B-Sides and Rarities" album in 2007 and it included their versions of Mahna Mahna. What could be more entertaining than that? The fact that you can download it for free from the Cake web site, that's what.

2 Responses so far.

  1. Maddie says:

    Great post, I used to love that video! And the fact that there's cake makes it even better. :P

  2. I generally wear a goofy smile when listening to the song, and now doubly so when it's the Cake version.

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