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Legbamel Not-Pop

Being a sucker for a horn section - and for hearing different interpretations of a song- I'm a fan of Big Band music and the standards that dozens of groups covered from that era. One of the best was Caldonia, from the inimitable Louis Jordan. It seems that all of the big names have done their own take on Caldonia, from simpler, bluesy versions to full-bore, big band swing.

Heck, even Mos Def has his own version of Caldonia from Lackawanna Blues. The New Morty Show offered their fabulous horn-filled take as a hidden track on "Mortyfied!" If you've got a favorite version, please let me know. I'd love to hear more. And if you're looking for more, try searching for Caledonia, as well. You'll find a few dozen more versions, as the name was commonly misspelled.

Louis Jordan rocks Caldonia
BB King's version
A wailin' version from Woody Herman (one of his 800 recorded versions)
The new Willie Nelson and Wynton Marsalis version
Clifton Chenier's Version, for a little zydeco
James Brown with a full horn section

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