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Blueberry Hill

Legbamel Not-Pop

For their 2001 album, “Wonderbrass II”, Wonderbrass recorded a lovely Dixieland jazz version of Blueberry Hill. Yes, the song that made the charts in 1940 for Glen Miller, 1949 for Louis Armstrong, and 1956 for Fats Domino. Elvis Presley and Led Zeppelin have covered the tune, as have The Beach Boys, The Rolling Stones, and Elton John.

All of these covers have one thing in common: they are all downbeat and sad. Even Jerry Lee Lewis didn’t sound particularly happy about having found his thrill. Finally, Wonderbrass took a trip to Blueberry Hill and actually played like they enjoyed it. It’s about time enjoyed the nostalgia instead of singing like they were mourning a loss.

Buy the Wonderbrass version.
Pick up the Fats Domino version or the Louis Armstrong version. Grab the Elvis Presley and Little Richard versions while you're at it.

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