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Blue Skies

Legbamel Not-Pop

Irving Berlin wrote some of my favorite songs, and Bobby Darin hung on to a few of them on the Las Vegas circuit of thirty and forty years ago (you know, back when it swung). On Blue Skies, you can almost hear the man smiling, as he's swingin' it for all he's worth. A lot of people have recorded this track, but Bobby, man, he really nailed it here.

Ella Fitzgerald recorded a great version, herself. Apparently, Willie Nelson's version is well known, although I never heard it until today. He sounds pretty down about being happy, but the song is on a few of his "Best of..." and "The Essential..." albums. Frank Sinatra swung through Blue Skies, himself, on several albums (this version with the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra). Crooner Harry Connick, Jr. recorded it, as well, but without what I consider the necessary horn section. Of course, Bing Crosby sang it; he did whole movies of Irving Berlin music. While I love Bing, this version just isn't up-beat enough for the lyrics.

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