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Songs My Kids Like: The Cat with Two Heads – The Aquabats

Legbamel Not-Pop

What do you get when you cross Devo with ska-punk? That’s a pretty stupid question, as you pretty much get Devo. But you could get The Aquabats, which is where I was going with that until I realized it didn’t make any sense.

Skip that first paragraph. The Cat with Two Heads captured the imagination of my children from an early age, the more so when our ever-so-friendly cat showed us why we were the most popular on the block with all the strays. The youngest asked me if next time we could get her to have a kitten with two heads and I had to play this song for him again so that he would understand why that was a bad idea. That distracted him from my assertion that there would not be a next time because the vet was going to "fix" her.

So for today I’m sharing the bizarre fun that is The Aquabats, nerd rock to the core and proud of it. Should enjoy The Cat with Two Heads and seek out more, be aware that the matching spandex costumes are customary for the band. See, I told you they were like Devo.

Cat With Two Heads by The Aquabats on Grooveshark

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  1. Hello Legbamel. I too saw this lot bashing that guitar. Thanks for sharing this. I've been rummaging around your blog (I'm a mum too, I love my kids' latest favourites - always a sure test) as I would love to share with you my latest album but I can't find any contact details for you. How can I get it to you? I'm at polly@pollypaulusma.com if you feel like reaching out. You can listen to some at www.pollypaulusma.com and see if you're interested in more. I hope so.... have a great day anyway and thanks again for your blog.

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