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Small Time Evil - MonkeyJunk

Legbamel Not-Pop

Yesterday in the Big Boned Gal post I promised many versions of Caldonia as I couldn't find where I'd done so. Silly me, it was there all along. If you'd like to read about and listen to Caldonia, please do.

For today, let's have something else. I bumped into a great little blues-rock band called MonkeyJunk when browsing the CDs at my favorite local library. Strangely, Grooveshark offers only one song from the album "Tiger in Your Tank". It happens to be a good one so I'll take it!

Small Time Evil at least stays true to my "songs about women" theme. In fact, it's not a bad follow-up tune to Caldonia. It's also a good example of the band's sound. You have to respect musicians that take their band name from a Son House quote, right? If you've got a hankering for more MonkeyJunk you'll have to visit YouTube. Try the title song as a good place to start.

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