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I Feel Better than James Brown - Was (Not Was)

Legbamel Not-Pop

Due to a familial disagreement over the artist who performed Walk the Dinosaur. It turned out we were both wrong, but that led me to listen to more Was (Not Was) and to my discovery that I'd missed some fabulously bizarre music 'way back when. Leading the pack of strangeness was this William Shatner-esque spoken word tune called I Feel Better than James Brown. Who wouldn't be made curious by a title like that?

Apparently, I should have paid more attention to the dinosaur-loving crew, but I had them confused with Dinosaur, Jr. Mea culpa. I could have been giggling at CIA guys in bikinis and tuxedoed dolphins for years. If you, too, missed the goofiness of "Are You Okay?" I suggest trying In K-Mart Wardrobe as a follow-up song. I'm calling it 80s music because it's got that vibe, though the album was released in 1990. Hey, that means the songs were written in the 80s, right?

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