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Smooth Romance - Dan Mei and Marc Johnce

Legbamel Not-Pop

Once again, the fine folks at DMF (The Danish-German Mashup Forces) have created a masterpiece of the best bits of pop. This time, they've taken Lady Gaga (that two-bit Madonna impersonator), Santana with Rob Thomas, and tossed in a dash of Van Halen for entertainment value. I wanted to include the video but decided that the NC-17 warning may be a bit off-putting for those of you who visit when boss- or child-type-people may be in the room. I'm not going to turn this into a rant about how women apparently aren't allowed to wear actual clothes in music videos, I swear. I can hold it in for the length of a whole post.

Whatever my reasons for not including the video, you can download Smooth Romance for free and enjoy it without the titillating visuals that do nothing more than detract from the song. (Whoops, that was a bit rant-y. Sorry.) Just click on the DMF link above and get all of the mashed up goodness that Dan Mei and Marc Johnce have to offer, including this gem.

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