Ignored, Maligned, and Forgotten Music

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Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow! - Wayne Newton

Legbamel Not-Pop

Were I to lie to you and tell you that the performer of this song was Rosemary Clooney, it would remain a nice but unremarkable bit of holiday cheer. As it is, this song stands as a monument to the bizarre world of Wayne Newton's voice. Honestly, the idea of this man's popularity and veritable sex symbol status of yore boggles the mind. Mine certainly boggles, at any rate. [Omit non-PC comment about Wayne Newton fans.] In listening to this song, pretend that a beautiful redhead with a smoky voice is singing it, if that makes it easier to bear. Don't Google images of Wayne Newton in Las Vegas while doing so, if you'd like to keep your lunch in place.

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