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Bang Bang You're Dead - Dirty Pretty Things

Legbamel Not-Pop

Several months ago, I posted a spate of songs about death. None of these were morbid or emo songs (that's just not my style), I just happened to like them all. Today, I'm revisiting that theme with Dirty Pretty Things and Bang Bang You're Dead, from their 2006 album "Waterloo to Anywhere".

I know that many Libertines fans were disappointed with this album, and I've heard that the song got plenty of air play a few years ago. As an inveterate ignorer of radio, I never heard the song until a short time ago and was never a Libertines fan in the first place. Thus, I was able to approach this song from a fresh perspective and enjoy it for what it is--a brash, fun, indie tune. I suggest that you put out of your mind the folks who comprise Dirty Pretty Things and simply enjoy Bang Bang You're Dead for itself.

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