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Takin' State - The City Champs

Legbamel Not-Pop

It's time for a little jazz funk, heavy on the organ, combining Jimmy Smith, Booker T, and some great beats that get your booty moving. The City Champs get down on their album, “The Safecracker”, ditching lyrics to concentrate on making terrific music. Electraphonic just released the album a few weeks ago, though the organ and the funk-inspired bass make Takin' State sound much older. I wouldn't normally post the standard (relatively-cheesy) Amazon ad here, but the album cover suits the song and the theme so well. Also, I'm attempting to point out that you can get Takin' State free from Amazon. Subtle, I ain't. It's a great introduction to The City Champs' sound. Go get it, and consider springing for the whole album. It's worth the investment. As proof, try the title track, too.

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