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Muddy Water - Keb' Mo'

Legbamel Not-Pop

As I mentioned, Muddy Water well fits the theme for this month in Fargo. Keb' Mo' sings, “I love muddy water, it's dirty but it feel all right”. Right now, we love the muddy Red River, both because it's settling back again and because, well, it isn't frozen. With the sloppy, slushy snow that's blanketed everything, prettier than the mucky, dead lawns though it may be, we can once again appreciate the muddy water that flows (at great speed, these days) past our little city. Now that the Red has dropped two feet in two days, we can all go back to remembering how frustrating a northern-plains spring can be as we slip and slide in the half-frozen foot-plus of snow. Maybe we can all get back to work and school, soon.

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