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See Fernando

Legbamel Not-Pop

Jenny Lewis has been wandering off from Rilo Kiley, most recently for a solo album titled “Acid Tongue”. I’ve found a lot of mixed reviews on the album, but the reason I started reading them in the first place was not that I knew who Jenny Lewis was or was a fan of Rilo Kiley, but because of See Fernando. I caught the song starting at the middle drum break when I flicked on the radio and happily scribbled down Ms. Lewis’s name to research when I was back at a computer. The only other song I managed to preview from the album was the introspective title track that really didn’t catch my interest. Had I not known the name, I’d have assumed the song was called Liar, since that’s the only harmonically interesting (and oft-repeated) word in the song.

See Fernando, however, is a toe-tapping, rim-cracking song that mostly sounds like Jenny Lewis having a lot of fun. That’s what I like to hear - an artist doing a little boogie that makes him or her happy. For all that “Acid Tongue” was released in September See Fernando works as a terrific summer tune, and one that I expect to hear popping up more come next June.

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