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Rage in the Cage - J Geils Band

Legbamel Not-Pop

Ah, back from my mini-vacation and ready to share. I kept buying, and playing, records well into the 1980s. In part, I persisted in this behavior because of 45s, and the fact that the B-sides were often as good as, if not better, than the single you bought the thing to hear in the first place. A prime example of that was the 45 for the J Geils Band hit Centerfold. Sure, everyone knew the song. What they didn’t know was the little gem on the back titled Rage in the Cage.

While Centerfold was burning up the charts, I was playing the groove right through the record on Rage in the Cage. I still have that 45, and I still like Rage in the Cage better than Centerfold. I thought I’d share the track with you all. Have a listen!
Rage In The Cage - J. Geils Band
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